What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) , Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal. 

Do I need an account to purchase a product?

Yes, you need an account to purchase and download our products. 

Can I use my purchased scans for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can. However, reselling your purchased scans is never allowed.

How many times can I download my purchased scan?

You can download your purchased scan up to 10 times from the downloads page. You will get the latest data at the time you have purchased.

What if I have downloaded a scan 10 times.

You need to purchase the same product again if you want to download again. 

What is the extension of the download file?

The extension of the download file is ZIP. We use WinArchiver Lite to compress files into a ZIP file.

What file formats are included?

Currently, OBJ and FBX files are included. You can find more detailed information about each product at the product page.

Which texture maps are included?

A base color map (jpg), a roughness map (jpg), a normal map (jpg) are included at least. You can find more detailed information about each product at the product page. Texture maps we use for rendering images on GROCERY3D could be different from what is included in the downloaded files due to updates.

What do versions of a product mean?

Some products have multiple versions, and you can choose a version when you download. We offer multiple versions to meet the demand that users want to use the exactly same data they downloaded before. We add another version when we find a better way to recreate the product. We believe that it rarely happens. Versions don't matter when you purchase. All versions are available once you have purchased.

I cannot find a 3D food scan I need.

Please send us a request. We might decide our next release based on your request.

How Can I delete my account?

Please send us a request. We will manually delete your account.